A Checklist for an Employee in Pursuit of a Raise

A dedicated employee is more likely to receive a raise in salary if he or she does a little preparation work. An employee may want to think of it as campaigning for a raise. In short, the person will be his or her best advocate. Furthermore, an employee must offer specific proof of his or her value to the company. The following is a checklist that will help a person prepare for and even rehearse a request for a raise at work.

1. Make a list of successful projects you have been a part of at work. Be sure to note specific accomplishments.

2. Make a note of the occasions when you stayed late or arrived early to work on an important project. Be sure to emphasize that you felt proud of the work the team did.

3. Memorize the date that you were hired by the company, then consider any professional goals you discussed during the job interview. Most importantly, make note of the goals that you have successfully accomplished.

4. Review the written job performance evaluations you have received from the boss. Pinpoint the changes you’ve made to create more success at work. Also, focus on the positive comments on all your performance evaluations.

5. Note any special awards you have received at work. An award for top sales figures is one example.

6. List all of the employees you’ve helped to train at work and outline specific instances. One effective example would be helping a new salesperson establish a good relationship with a long time customer.

7. Go over the goals set for your department and what you’ve done (specifically) to contribute to meeting or exceeding those goals.

8. Research how many days you’ve been absent from work. A campaign for a raise will be more effective if you’ve missed very few work days.

9. Make a note of any extra courses you’ve taken or degrees you’ve earned since your last raise at work. In addition, mention how you’ve used this education to contribute to the company’ success. Once again, being specific is a plus.

10. Think of the volunteer events you’ve been involved in that are connected with the company. For example, perhaps you coordinated a children’s winter coat donation project. You and other employee volunteers collected coats and donated them to a children’s charity on behalf of the company.

11. Review occasions when you have represented the company. For instance, if you ever represented the company at a convention talk about how many people you spoke with about the company’s products.

12. Come up with some unique projects that would benefit the company. Express these ideas with enthusiasm concerning the future successes of the business.

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Source by Britney Fuller

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