Adam Benhamma, Where Are You?

My heart has been quite heavy all week. I’m not the only one. As I write this, it is 10pm Wednesday evening. The unthinkable which I will describe below started Sunday afternoon- just three (3) days ago.

Adam Benhamma, a few months shy of his 4th birthday and described to be autistic, only able to hear and speak slightly, was visiting a family friend with his Father and Sister. From hearsay, he had recently arrived with father and older sibling at a river side property in the Montreal suburb of Auteuil.

Reportedly. Adam’s Father was unloading the family car while the children began exploring the property and setting up for a game of hide-and-seek. Only a few minutes went by before Adam’s older sister could no longer find Adam and went rushing to find Father to report her missing brother.

A hurried then frantic search began for the young boy who was dressed in early spring-like gear- winter coat, tuque and running shoes. The boy has not been seen since that fateful day.

The police were called to begin helping in the search and continue their daily efforts along with search and rescue personnel, firefighters and volunteers to this day to recover the young boy. Most of the effort is being placed in searching the still partially frozen river. Hope of finding Adam alive is unfortunately fading with every passing news cast and every sunset that the boy remains un-found.

Despite this, there is still hope that he is hiding, trapped or lost somewhere.

Many of us in the Montreal and surrounding area have been touched deeply by the events leading to this day. My own son is only a few months older than Adam and I cannot help but feel terrible about this incident. The entire Province of Quebec is praying that he will be found alive, despite the shrinking probability of finding him safe and sound.

My heart goes out to Adam’s loved ones as they must bear this agony or another night without the whereabouts of the beautiful boy pictured below.

He should be home now, tucked away and warm in his cozy bed but he is not. He should be close to his loved ones at this very instant and he is not.

Adam, wherever you are, we are thinking of you. Please let us find you.

To see Adam’s photo, search Google for Adam Benhamma.

God, please help us find your little angel very soon.

This terrible incident is a reminder that we need to be extra diligent with our children. There is nobody to blame, and it should not have happened, but it did. And until we find Adam, this nightmare continues.

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Source by Claude Bussieres

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